Aur⊗ra IBA

When the Internet goes away we can’t do business. No billing. No booking. No fulfillment. Dead in the water.

Aur⊗ra IBA (Internet Backup Appliance) solves 4 primary problems that all businesses face but are terrified to confront:

  • Always on Internet:  “It’s like battery backup, but for your Internet!”  Continue to serve your clients/customers even when (not if!) the main Internet line goes down.
  • Firewall/VPN: Protect your office(s) from outside intruders while also allowing your staff to access critical company information
  • Automatic Updates: Zero-touch settings 
  • Lifetime Upgrades: Always have the latest & greatest

In addition to all of the features and services that only a commercial grade device can provide.

Aur⊗ra IBA includes: