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Beyond Logistics


Knowing the right questions to ask puts the power in your hands. Managing the vendor relationship is critical to the success of every project. Advocates with specialized knowledge and experience will navigate the jungle faster and more effectively than you can on your own.


We provide the planning, design, procurement, implementation, and project management for a wide range of custom and commercial products and services.
"Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics." General Omar Bradley


The best client is a well informed client. We constantly strive to keep our clients informed on the latest innovations and how those innovations might affect them.
"The purpose of today's training is to defeat yesterday's understanding." Miyamoto Musashi


Our team of experts stays abreast of the latest technological advancements through hands-on research and development. We deliver wondrous solutions that best fit each client.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."       Arthur C. Clarke  

Case Studies

Systems Development & NMS

“Thanks for your timely response!” – Caryn J

Since 2001, Wilke Systems has provided internal management information systems development and network management services (NMS) for various city departments. These services include:

  • communications network design, procurement, installation, project management, and vendor oversight
  • management information systems (MIS) development and updates
  • NMS and MIS systems administration
  • Claims processing
  • Zoning requests
  • Construction permit lifecycle system
  • many more…

CIO Services: PreK-8 School

“Thanks again! I don’t know what we would do without all of your help!” – Denise C.

Since 2000, Wilke Systems has provided CIO services to a preK-8 grade school in Illinois. This includes managing:

  • network infrastructure
  • WiFi
  • lab/loaner computers
  • Fiber optic Internet
  • Student Information Systems
  • state-mandated reporting
  • much more…

Relocation: Legal Firm

A law firm was experiencing dramatic growth and had outstripped the capacity of its current space and Internet provider. Unfortunately, the lease on the current space was scheduled to expire in less than 2 weeks and they needed to move all of their equipment, people and furniture immediately – with zero downtime. Adding another layer of complexity, the previous space provided all of the phone and data networking services, including the equipment and Internet service, all of which had to be researched, specified, procured, installed, and tested prior to the move.

The mission was accomplished with 2 days to spare. In addition, support personnel were on-site to work out any last minute hiccups for 2 days after the move completed.

Advanced Dental

I feel very fortunate to have found WSI, Inc. They are integral partners with us. They have freed us up to focus on dentistry rather than on IT. I could not run my practice without them.

Advanced Dental is a full-service general dental office that has been serving clients in the greater Northwest Indiana, southeast Chicagoland area since 2001. We have one dentist, three hygienists, and a staff of eleven. We have 9 computer stations throughout the practice, plus a remote station at a home office.

Before contacting WSI, Inc., we had gone through several IT companies over several years who all promised to solve our IT nightmares. When our IT goes down, we can’t function. Each company told us why the previous company used the wrong approach, yet each new company did the same thing: in order to solve our problems, they told us, we’d need to purchase A, B, & C. Once we did that, and things still didn’t work, we were told it was because we also needed to purchase D, E, & F. It was very frustrating. In addition to having a lot of down time due to computer failures and waiting for technicians to show up, we were spending a lot of money on “solutions” that didn’t always solve the problem.

That all ended when we contacted WSI, Inc. I was skeptical at first, given our history with IT companies. Greg and Bruce listened very carefully to the history of our IT issues and asked thoughtful questions. When they presented us with solutions, they always presented two or three options with the pros and cons of each clearly listed. That continues to be the case.

As we have grown, WSI, Inc. has made suggestions for upgrading and improving our technology and our IT systems.

Frequently they will find the equipment that they recommend on a website so that I don’t have to do the investigating myself. They are also sympathetic to the need to balance our IT needs and their recommendations with our bottom line.

When we do have an IT issue, our staff contacts WSI, Inc. right away and they are always available to solve our problem. They are incredibly prompt and responsive. They either talk us through the issue, remote in to our system, if necessary, or come on-site to resolve it. We have yet to lose production time due to IT problems since we’ve been with WSI, Inc. Additionally, I have found their fees to be reasonable and fair.

I feel very fortunate to have found WSI, Inc. They are integral partners with us. They have freed us up to focus on dentistry rather than on IT. I could not run my practice without them.

Bob Potter

The purchasing and installation services that Bruce provided were outstanding! Once I made my decisions, the delivery and installation were completed in less than three weeks and at the cost that Bruce gave me in his original estimate.

I needed to get a new home computing system to replace my PC, printer/fax/scanner, and wi-fi that were all over 7 years old.

Prior to my retirement, I worked for a company that provided me with IT consulting and operational support services for my personal/home computer needs and well as for my corporate computer requirements. However, since I am now retired I needed to obtain some computer consulting services, especially in moving forward with the purchase and installation of a new home computer system.

I knew of Bruce Schmoetzer’s services and his excellent reputation from some of my friends and associates who he had done work for so I contacted him to explain my needs. We met together to discuss my specific computing needs: i.e., e-mail, word processing, on-line banking and computerized check-book (Quicken), wi-fi,etc.; and new equipment requirements.

Following our meeting, Bruce prepared a series of equipment/system options – desk-top, lap-top, I-pad, notebook, for both MicroSoft and Apple platforms, along with cost estimates. At his suggestion I then did some hands-on evaluations on demo computers at a local retail store of the various equipment Bruce identified.

Once I decided on the system and equipment, Bruce purchased an Apple Mac, printer, wi-fi router, and Apple TV. He installed the equipment, down-loaded the required Apple and Quicken programs, provided the technical interface with my cable company/e-mail carrier, and assisted with tutorials on Apple programs/applications.

The purchasing and installation services that Bruce provided were outstanding! Once I made my decisions, the delivery and installation were completed in less than three weeks and at the cost that Bruce gave me in his original estimate. During the installation, the wi-fi router proved to be faulty. Bruce handled the return and arranged for the immediate shipment of a replacement router. The new router was received and installed within a week. I am totally pleased with the recommendations, the purchases and services that Bruce provided for my new home computer system.

I currently have an annual IT technical support contract with Bruce in which he provide timely troubleshooting services and assistance with my Apple applications when I need them. I was a MicroSoft Windows user for more than 20 years and changing to the Apple programs has been a learning process.

Recently, Bruce assisted me with a new cellphone contract for a new I-Phone 5S. He analyzed my past phone and data usage and researched the various AT&T plans available. As a result, I was able to reduce my monthly cell phone bill by 35%. He also synchronized my new I Phone with my home e-mail service.

Bruce’s provides excellent, high quality service in the most professional and timely manner.


Core Values: Harmony, Integrity, and Reliability
Logistics is hard. Our job is simple: Prepare clients for the worst case scenario. Be there for them when things inevitably go horribly wrong. Our mission is to provide the peace of mind that allows clients to stay focused on their customers and their business. Wilke Systems (est. 1999) has worked with clients (companies, non-profits, educational institutions, medical facilities, government agencies and individuals) using logistics to make their world, and the world of those they serve, a better place. We go Beyond Logistics.

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